Mountain biking

Over hill and dale ...

Many guests look forward to this all year long: riding through the wonderful alpine nature on two wheels. Mountain biking already enjoys a long tradition in the Zillertal linking adventure holidays and sporty challenges. For this the bikers face several 100 km of tracks ahead of them.

High up and steep downhill

Mountain biking in the Zillervalley is diversified. Whether you follow the Tour de France suit or enjoy a relaxing ride with your family, every tour caters to different tastes. One of the favoured tours leads to the viewpoint at the Hirschbichlalm with a view to the Gerlossteinwand.

But also the Zillertaler Höhenstraße reaching 2000 m up, is another one of the local highlights. The countless panoramic views and the possibility to go by a alpine hut to relax, enjoy the local food and to regain strength are all included.


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mountain biking in Zillertal